John Boyd: Destruction and Creation, 1976

  • Author: John Boyd

  • Reasons to read: rational of the OODA loop

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John Boyd: Patterns of Conflict, 1976


John Boyd: The Essence of Winning and Losing, 1986

John Boyd: Organic Design for Command and Control, 1987

  • Author: John Boyd

  • Reasons to read: military use of OODA loop

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Nicodemos C. Damianou et al.: A Survey of Policy Specification Approaches, 2002

  • Authors: Nicodemos C. Damianou, Arosha K. Bandara, Morris J. Sloman, Emil C. Lupu

  • Reasons to read: survey of policy specification approaches / languages

  • Published: Imperial College, London, Tech. Rep., 2002. [Online]

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