skb-framework - flexible development and application environment


skb-framework OPTIONS

  • will process the options


  • will start the interactive shell

  • type 'h' or 'help' in the shell for commands


The SKB-Framework provides a flexible, metadata-driven application framework. Its main objective is to load and provide flexible access to tasks. A task is a shell script with additional semantics processed by the framework. These additional semantics allow the framework to take care of some common functions for defined tasks, for example loading and evluating parameters and dependencies.

The framework itself provides a loader and an interactive shell. The loader will process specifications (mainly tasks) and validate them. Once the loader is satisfied, it will start an interactive shell.

An application using the framework can be started in one of three different modes: dev for a development mode, build for a build mode, and use for a use mode. The development mode should load tasks required to develop an application. The build mode should load tasks required to build artifacts for a given application. The use mode should load tasks required to use built artifacts for a given application.

The framework provides definitions for seven different elements: tasks, their dependencies, their (configuration) parameters, application CLI options, shell commands, application exit status codes, and scenarios. The framework loader will load all those definitions and validate them based on the provided metadata. CLI options, commands, and exit status codes are handled by the framework itself. Tasks, dependencies, parameters, and scenarios can be defined by an application. This framework provides a basic set of tasks, dependencies, and parameters. It also defines some scenarios to build its own deployment artifacts.

This software package also provides an application named skb-framework as a standard application utilizing the framework’s features and tasks.

For more information on the framework, how to use it, how to build software artifacts, and how develop your own application with it, please visit the SKB-Framework website at

Security Concerns

This program executes arbitrary bash scripts, commands, and other programs (such as Python scripts). The number of attack vectors for this tool is virtually endless. A simple attack is to create a local script in the target directory, which will be run if requested. Therefore, this tool should be used with care, probably by a dedicated user with limited access rights on the underlying operating system.




This program was written by Sven van der Meer.



Copyright (C) 2018 Sven van der Meer. The license is Apache License 2.0.