The SKB is the entry point or umbrella for a number of my projects, all open source on Github. SKB is short for Sven’s Knowledge Base. I was looking for some acronym (actually abbreviation, since one cannot speak SKB), and this is what I came up with a long time ago (sometimes in 2014 I guess).

It is hosted on Github in this repository. The repository contains my databases (acronyms, library, etc.), the source of the SKB website, the source of this website, and a Wiki.

Projects - Bash


A flexible development and application framework

repo, skb-web/framework


Dashboard for the SKB repository: library, acronyms, etc, based on the SKB-Framework.


Projects - Java

SKB Java

A POM and a set of shell scripts, ant tasks/macros, settings, to maintain the Java port of the SKB.


ASCII Heading

A simple tool to format headings with various options.



Many different lists (itemize/unordered, enumerate/ordered, checklist, description) with support for nested lists, using ASCII and UTF characters for labels.


ASCII Paragraph

A simple tool to format paragraphs with indentation, indentation character, alignment, padding (left, right, both), padding characters (left, right, both), and in-line whitespace characters.



Several implementations of a text table, originally using ASCII and UTF-8 characters for borders.


Char Translation

Set of translators for characters, HTML Elements, and their combinations.



A simple set of classes to execute programs from the command line with automated generation of run scripts and flexible applcation option handling.



Set of interfaces used by other SKB Java projects.


UTF Themes

Base elements (lines, corners, borders) and themes for frames, grids, lists (itemize, enumerate).


SKB Examples

Examples for the skb-java sub projects.


SKB Shell

A collection of shells for simple command sets, command multi-sets, and multi-threaded versions.


SVG 2 Vector

Tool to convert SVG to other vector formats (PDF, EMF) w/support for layers.

repo, bintray, maven, mvnrepo

Projects - LaTeX

Eclipse Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet for Eclipse (key bindings and more). The idea of a cheat sheet came from a discussion on Twitter with @noopur2507 and @EclipseJavaIDE. I had asked an RTFM question and to return the favor of the answers said I do a cheat sheet. So here it is.

repo, releases


A LaTeX class for organizing documents, can be integrated into the SKB.

repo, CTAN

Projects - Miscellaneous


Artifacts (graphics, pptx, text, et.) for Inter-Process Communication, aka networking

repo, skb-web/ipc

SKB History

It all started sometimes in the late 1990s, when I got my own domain (as a birthday present from very good friends). We started web development, first static HTML, then PHP. While working as a researcher and PhD student, I wanted to have a list of publications on my website. Later acronyms, foto collection, diaries, and other 'stuff'.

Later in Ireland, I started programming and developing in Java. Github became available, and I started hosting some projects on Github. Those projects (PHP and Java), evolved, some I did not continue. The PHP backend for my site was a lot of work. It was very good for processing data at runtime, but it turned out to be hard to add new data (for instanc a new publication). So sometimes around 2011 I stopped maintaining the data, thus the whole project and site hibernated.

In 2018 then I turned back to this problem, partially because I had an idea how to realize the whole set differently. for our APEX engine (and earlier in some SKB Java projects), I had experimented with the Maven Site plugin. I also used the Asciidoctor toolchain heavily. Combining both seemed a good idea. Then I found a way to maintain my data in a non-proprietary form (text files) that also allows to process them for other purposes (such as a website). And now we are here.