Schema Examples - RINA

Schemas used to teach IPC

From trivial (2 hosts) to complex (skewed necklace)

Each schema emphasizes specific properties

E.g. a very long network with only interior routers


Example Type Description
2 Border Routers 2 Border Routers Looking at border routers
2 Border Routers + IR 2 Border Routers Looking at border routers, with an additional interior router
2 Hosts 2 Hosts The shortest possible network
2 Hosts + IR 2 Hosts The shortest possible network, plus an interior router
Long IR Long A long schema, here only with interior routers
OS Misc An operating system
Skewed Necklace with WiFi Long The classic example of a skewed necklace, with WiFi systems
Standard Long Standard A longer standard schema, used in John Day’s RINA lectures
Standard Short Standard As used in many documents
WiLAN Misc Combination of wireless and wired systems forming a WiLAN