Networks - CNOP

The network schemas here are based on the H2020 project ARCFIRE, mostly the examples from deliverable D2.2. The first set of examples show parts of the network of a Converged Network Operator (CNOP), for access, core, and backbone. The second set of examples shows a few combinations


Example Type Description
Copper Access network fixed access (copper) example
Core Inside the Operator Network Simple core network example
Data Center Inside the Operator Network Spine-Leaf data center example
IXP Between Operators Multi-provider data exchange
LTE Access network a simple LTE schema
Metro Inside the Operator Network MAN example
PBB Inside the Operator Network Provider backbone bridge
Residential Operator to User access and services
WiFi 1 Access network Simple wireless access
WiFi 2 Access network Scalable wireless access


Example Description
Together 1 CNOP with fixed access and simple host
Together 2 CNOP with wireless access and simple host
Together 3 CNOP with fixed access and IXP
Together 4 CNOP with wireless access and IXP