Production Notes

Every good movie requires a diverse set of people with different expertise and skills. So does a knowledge base, with software and other projects. The pages here go through my experience in producing software with software, from all angles I did cover. I am certainly no deep expert in everything, I just use stuff :).

I write those notes as much for myself as to share it with you. The topics are discussed in the following order:

  • Abstractions, Principles, Patterns - We start with some guiding principles, in form of fundamental abstractions, scientific and best common practice principles, and well-established (i.e. often successfully used) patterns.

  • Conventions - Next we look at conventions I am using for my work. This list seems to be long, but is actually not that difficult to follow in general.

  • Languages - Next we look at the languages involved. There are some, each focusing on a particular purpose, including programming languages and data serialization languages. I am a simple user of most of them, no an expert. Some of the languages shown here are past, rather than present.

  • Operating Systems - There are several operating systems, including versions and flavors I am using. We look at all of them.

  • Virtualization - Operating systems and processes can also run in virtualization environments. Since everything that can be virtualized will, eventually, be virtualized, I am using some of those environments as well (though not all of them, of course).

  • IDEs and Editors - This page looks at Integrated Development Environments (IDE) and more simple editors that are part of my production.

  • Build and Make - Once artifacts are specified in a language, using some IDE or editor, I use a few build- and make frameworks to parse and compile specifications and to generate more (compiled) artifacts.

  • Graphics - This page looks at frameworks, tools, and software that deals with all graphical aspects of the production.

  • Online - I am using quite a few online services and website, all discussed here. On some of them I do have an account, some I simply use.

  • Miscellaneous - Any tool or software that doesn’t fit (maybe just not yet) any other category.

  • Templates - A few templates that I am using, have designed, for the production

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