Research Notes

Sometimes in 2017 I started writing down notes on some research topics. Some are simply reading lists, some provide more of a discussion on a particular topic. Most of them are also available as stand-alone HTML and PDF documents on my GH pages. The source for all notes is on Github (in the SKB project).

Policy-based Management Started taking a section of the NOMS UPT paper, then extended to a broader look at the topic. site, html, pdf
Internet History A lot is written these days about the history of the Internet, and how we got to where we are now. Here is a list of articles and other publications. site, html, pdf
Cybernetics Some fundamental work that every CS student should read. site, html, pdf
Introduction to Network Architecture (INA) This is based on a discussion that started in the ARCFIRE project, then moved on to a wider audience. It is a longer list of books and articles and papers, as well as other items, that help to understand network architectures. Beware, it is not the usual reading list, nor is this list part of any textbook I know of. site, html, pdf
Time and Date in NM Aspects of time and date in network management. site, html, pdf